15 June is the day of National Salvation

In October 1991, Azerbaijan gained the independence. However, the early years of independence were marked by a gap of political power and a gap in the foundations of the state, all institutions of the state, including the army and state security agencies. Armenia’s desire for annexation exacerbated the situation in the country. In the summer of 1993, there was a real threat of civil war in Azerbaijan. In this difficult period of the Motherland, Heydar Aliyev came to power. On June 15, 1993, Heydar Aliyev was elected Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Thus, June 15 entered our history as the day of National Salvation. In June 1997, the Milli Majlis agreed with the public opinion and declared that day a holiday.

The event was organized by the INDEX – Center for Human Capital Development of Azerbaijan in Malatya, Turkey. Famous writers and poets of Azerbaijan and Turkey took part in the event. Writer Elchin Huseynbeyli, poet Khayal Rza, writer Sarvaz Huseynoglu and Kyrgyz writer Chingiz Aytmatov’s son Asgar Ayitmatov attended the event at the Doubletree Hotel. Many topics have been touched upon in the evening, which plays an important role in the recognition of Azerbaijani literature. The history of Azerbaijan’s literature has been examined and talked about the periods it has passed until today. At the end of the event, for the services rendered to the development of Azerbaijani literature, the Chairman of INDEX Rashad Abdullayev was presented a plaque by the leadership of Malatya Inonu University and representative of Writers Union Zaka Vilayatoglu.