About Us


AzeDer is the platform of Azerbaijani youth, a communication and activity space, founded in 2013 and headquartered in Istanbul, which aims to work for Azerbaijan in the name of Education, Culture and solidarity. AzeDer is an organization established for Azerbaijani youth to be able to contribute to the interests and future of Azerbaijan and at the same time to develop itself.

Why AzeDer?

The step taken on the desire and confidence has always shown its positive result. AzeDer provides the foundation for this. The conditions for investing in the future of Azerbaijan are provided by AzeDer for the activities of young people with a high work rate. Each member has the opportunity to bring difference as a shareholder of the organization. The fact that every step taken and every project implemented have measurable results is one of the main principles of AzeDer. And the impetus for this step is taken not by a small group, but by each person who initiated it.

AzeDer is looking for answers to the questions posed together with all its members.

– How can we develop ourselves?

– How can we be together?

– What steps can we carry out positive activities for our country?

The steps taken by young people for young people are aimed at their personal development, enrichment and networking of their social lives. AzeDer does not work for formal success; it operates with a great enthusiasm. At this time, success comes to itself. It is in your hands to contribute to the future of Azerbaijan.

It is you who will bring the difference