Azerbaijani music was appreciated in Prague

A concert comprising the synthesis of mugham and classical symphonic music, known as Azerbaijani music, was held in Prague, the Czech capital.

The concert won great sympathy of the participants. The concert was held with the support of Azerbaijani Education, Culture and Solidarity Association (AZEDER), Azerbaijan Student Network (ASN) and the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR). Gunay Mirzoyeva and Francesco Maggio’s joint compositions were performed by the Mugam Trio from Azerbaijan and the Prague Modern Orchestra. The program was attended by the official ambassador of Peru Marita Landaveri Portoras, Azerbaijani Embassy Adviser to the Czech Republic Alimirzamin Asgarov and various diplomats, as well as Czech citizens, Azerbaijanis living in the Czech Republic and representatives of other nations. At the same time, the concert was met with great interest by the media representatives of the Czech Republic, Azerbaijan and Turkey. Making an opening speech at the event, the ASN’s representative in the Czech Republic Sabir Mammadov told about the development of international relations and stated the importance of implementation of such projects for further deepening of relations. Concert program, once again demonstrated to Europeans how rich a culture has been in Azerbaijan, which is a young and democratic country.  All guests were presented drinks and Azerbaijani national dishes before and after the event.

The participants were pleased to take part in the event, as well as the Czech and Azerbaijani citizens who attended the event expressed that they listened to the concert with a great interest.

“It was a very nice night,” said Abdul Alif, a citizen of Azerbaijan who attended the event.
“The concert was organized at a really high level. We thank to the organizers of this event. I hope that in the future the number of such activities will be more and our intercultural dialogue will develop.”

Azerbaijan Embassy Adviser to the Czech Republic Alimirzamin Asgarov said: “It was a wonderful concert. It was not just an Azerbaijani concert, it was also a concert contributed by the Czechs. It was a wonderful collaboration. The dialogue of cultures was wonderful. Such events contribute to the development of interethnic and multicultural relations. Today the masters of art have demonstrated a very nice performance. The music they chose was very appropriate. As a result, it turned out a very nice performance.”

“It was the first such event for me,” said Marita Landaveri Portoras, Peruan official ambassador, who attended the concert as a guest. Previously, I heard Azerbaijani music at the Ambassador’s house. When we were invited here, I thought it would be a different experience to listen to music composed by Italian and Azerbaijani composers. And it was a really good experience for me. Especially, Azerbaijani musicians were very magestic. The vocal performance was very nice. I do not understand what the vocalist sings, but it’s very pleasant to the ear. The instruments we know with the instruments I have not seen before were played in a combined manner in a different style. Music is not the kind we are accustomed to hearing, especially in Prague, but the synthesis was really very specific. I am sure that everyone here was pleased with such a different, interesting and new performance. Watching images from Azerbaijan in the background, seeing dancers and beautiful places there, taught us more about this country.”

Representative of Azerbaijan Students Network (ASN) in the Czech Republic, who contributed to the organization of the event, Sabir Mammadov said: “Our goal is to develop Czech-Azerbaijani relations. The main ambition is to make Azerbaijani people living here feel their homeland. And at the same time, we aim to show Azerbaijani music to the Czech people and other peoples. We inaugurated the Azerbaijan Students Network (ASN) in the Czech Republic in May and so far we have held many activities. After that, I hope we will realize different activities. One of our great supporters today was the AZEDER organization operating in Turkey. We hope that these relations will further deepen in the future and contribute to the development of our peoples.”

Gunay Mirzayeva, one of the composers, said: “We first implemented this project in Baku. Then we have held it in Florence, Italy. Now we are performing it in Prague for the third time. I would like to thank everyone who supported us in this regard. I would like to thank the Azerbaijani Student Network, SOCAR, the Embassy of Azerbaijan in the Czech Republic for helping to realize such a great event. I hope we will continue such projects. We want to implement this project in other countries of Europe.”

Another composer Francesco Maggio said: “Mugham should be promoted in all over the world and we will do our best in this regard. We hope that AZEDER, SOCAR, the Azerbaijani Students Network and the Embassy of Azerbaijan in the Czech Republic will also support us in promoting Azerbaijani music to the world.”