INDEX – Azerbaijan Human Capital Development Center and E-ON company announce joint internship program

Scope of work: Strategic marketing analysis

Duration: 6 months

E.ONis a company with more than 62000 employees and is the main power supply company operating in all of Europe, Russia, and North America. E.ON’s diversified business activities include renewable energy, natural gas, energy production, energy sales and provision. 

Expectations and tasks:

1-To apply, update and improve existing models of demand for econometric energy and natural gas

2- Econometric analysis of energy by demand for natural gas and its effects

3- Increase in demand for natural gas and macroeconomic analysis of energy

Education and specialties / skills and talents

– To be a student of Economics or Engineering Faculty

– To have a good degree of macroeconomic information

– To be experienced in econometric modeling and analysis

– English proficiency (presence of other languages can be considered preferred)

Candidates must submit their CV with the necessary documents and references on the relevant study education until 05.07.2015 with the title of internship “E.ON” to [email protected]

The national army units created at that time gave the legacy of the most powerful independent Azerbaijani army in the region today. At the heart of this legacy is its noble mission, which is to protect the enemy, to be valiant and to protect the Motherland at all costs and to exalt its name.

On June 26, 1918, the government of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic adopted a decision on the establishment of the First National Army unit-the separate division-an important event in the life of the first Democratic Republic in the East. At that time, the military forces subordinated to the government of the Republic, together with the “Caucasian Islamic army” under the command of Nuru Pasha, carried out a heated discussion with the troops of the “Baku Commune” to strengthen independence.

Samad Bey Mehmandarov, Aliaga Shikhlinski and other army scientists, who were represented in the military ministry and its leadership at that time, carried out important reforms in army building in Azerbaijan. The construction of a modern army in Azerbaijan began in the 70s of the last century. In 1969, Heydar Aliyev came to power in the country and chose ready targets for the national officer cadres and thus began army building in Azerbaijan. The great leader, who successfully opened the Jamshid Nakhchivanski military school in Baku, turned his duties into reality. 

The involvement of young people in this school, as well as military schools outside the country, gave a great impetus to the training of professional personnel for Azerbaijan. The independence history of the National Army was formed on the basis of the strong base created by the great leader during the Soviet period. Returning to political power for the second time with the insistence of the people, national leader Heydar Aliyev fulfilled the mission of salvation in army building, as in all spheres. Illegal armed units were abolished, a single command was established and an end to the war. The Supreme Commander-in-chief Heydar Aliyev reached a ceasefire going to the front regions. After that, modern army building began to develop on the fundamental basis. The powerful army, capable of protecting the sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence of Azerbaijan, was formed as a result of Heydar Aliyev’s determination. With the decrees and orders of President Ilham Aliyev, who successfully implemented the strategic policy of the great leader in the field of army building, the process of creating a modern military industry in the country, improving personnel training for the Armed Forces is successfully carried out. Today, our military officers are trained in higher military schools in many countries around the world. With the care of the head of state, the international relations of the Azerbaijani army are expanding. Divisions of our armed forces are involved in peacekeeping operations with international peacekeeping forces in many conflict centers around the world.

History has proved that the people’s independence, which has a professional army, is also eternal. All important measures on Army-building in Azerbaijan are carried out consistently, taking into account the world experience. The steps taken to strengthen the material and technical base of the Armed Forces and increase the potential of the defense industry add strength to the strength of our army. Therefore, the Azerbaijani army, which has a secure place of our nation, a symbol of pride, dignity and a self-sufficient capacity, stands in the highest and holy place in the national opinion of our nation, acts as the criterion of existence, existence and national identity of our state. The confidence of our people in the armed forces creates a great influence on the personnel of the army in ensuring the national security of our country. At the same time, this valuable wealth – the potential of our national army, our growing defense spending, which the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic has left to modern Azerbaijan, brings us closer to our main goal and to the liberation of our occupied lands.

On June 29, a panel on “Importance of economic relations between Azerbaijan and Turkey in the Caspian region” was held in Malatya, Turkey organized by the Center for the Development of Human Capital in Azerbaijan – INDEX.

At the same time, Shams Mustafayeva, Graduate of the International Relations at Syracuse University, USA, Representative of ADA University, Saida Akman, lawyer, Member of the Union of Bar Associations of Turkey, Mustafa Yucel, Academician of Inonu University, Hamit Ozpolat, Secretary General of the Union of GAP writers and Chairman of the Board of Tempo Press Union made a speech at the panel.

In speeches, Shams Mustafayeva touched upon common points in the fields of education, economy and culture of the two countries, Saida Akman Azerbaijan-Turkey legal system, Mustafa Yucel oil and gas trade projects and Hamit Ozpolat issues of promotion of Turkish-Azerbaijan culture in both countries.

The panel was attended by Senan Jafarli, Regional Coordinator of INDEX – Azerbaijan Human Capital Development Center, representatives of Malatya Businessmen’s Association, professors, students and media representatives. The panel caused great interest of the Turkish media. Thus, the panel of the influential Turkish news agency IHA – Ihlas News Agency covered the issue.

At the end of the event, Chairman of the Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Ahmet Chakir presented a poster to the INDEX Chairman Rashad Abdullayev for the attention and support of the Center for Human Capital Development of Azerbaijan. Later, guests and students had interesting discussions at the dining table.

An event was held in the city of Canakkale with the support of the INDEX – the Azebaijan Human Capital Development Center. The trip supported by the INDEX Çanakkale representation was organized for Azerbaijani students and teachers studying here. Trip was organized at the Çanakkale Güzelyalı Tabya region and about 60 Azerbaijani teachers and students participated here. They made reports on the work and programs to be done in 2015-2016.Then an excursion was organized to the sights and historical places of the city.The students and the teaching staff had a fun and fruitful time at this event.