Meeting with the Istanbul Deputy Governor Kazim Tekin

On October 1, Chairman of the Azerbaijani Education, Culture and Solidarity Association (AzeDer) Rashad Abdullayev and Deputy Chairman Abbas Mammadov met with the Deputy Governor of Istanbul Kazim Tekin. 

Rashad Abdullayev gave information the Deputy Governor Kazim Tekin about the AzeDer projects planned in the future. The problems faced by Azerbaijani students in Turkey were expressed. Emphasizing the importance of relations between the two brotherly countries, Mr. Tekin said he would spare no effort from Azerbaijani students as the Governor’s office. Getting information about the internship programs of AzeDer in the international organizations, Mr. Tekin stressed the need to implement the project as soon as possible on internship opportunities in the Governor’s office and state structures in Turkey. A joint decision was made to take decisive steps on this issue in the near future. 

For the support of Mr. Kazim Tekin to AzeDer, Rashad Abdullayev presented him the “Honorary Membership” board.

“The 3rd forum of Azerbaijani young doctors and medical students” jointly implemented by the AzeDer, the Society of Azerbaijani Doctors in Turkey and the Ankara University will start its work at Ankara University on October 12.

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Within the framework of the “Internship programs” project launched by AzeDer, 3 more Azerbaijani students studying in Turkey started internship program in the European Parliament, one of the top political centers in Brussels. We wish success to our fellow students Chingiz, Kamila and Elnur who have succeeded in completing many selection stages. We are confident that they will do their best in the direction of personal career development and promotion of Azerbaijan. Good luck!