New internship program in the European Parliament

Index – the Human Capital Development Center of Azerbaijan announces the launch of another registration to participate in the internship program in the European Parliament and other institutions.

Internship period: January-March 2015

Deadline for acceptance of documents: November 30, 2014

Requirements for candidates:

1. Young people completed Bachelor’s or Master’s degree abroad, including young people currently studying

2. Fluent knowledge of at least one of the English, German or French languages (oral and written)

Those who wish to participate in the internship program can apply with their Cover Letter and resumes (CV) in English until November 30, 2014 to [email protected] Resumes must be in Europass format and provided with a photo.

Today is the day of the State flag in Azerbaijan. Today is an important holiday for everyone whose blood flows with the name of Azerbaijan in veins. For the first time, the idea of a tricolor flag was brought up by Ali Bey Huseynzade, one of the ideologists of Azerbaijani independence.

The national flag of the Republic of Azerbaijan consists of three horizontal stripes of equal width. The upper strip is blue, the middle strip is red, and the lower strip is green. In the middle of the red strip on both sides of the flag there is a white crescent and an eight-pointed star. Blue color-means that the Azerbaijani people have Turkic origin, blue color is associated with the idea of Turkism. There are also various explanations about the preference of the Turks for blue color. Numerous ancient monuments were built in the territories of Turkic-speaking peoples in islam in the Middle Ages and most of these monuments were blue. In this regard, the color of the sky has both symbolic meanings. 

The blue color reflected the grandeur of the Elkhanids period in the XIII century, their triumphal march.

Red color expresses the desire to build a modern society, to develop democracy, in other words, a desire to modernize, to develop. At the end of the XVIII century, after the French bourgeois revolution, great progress was made in the European countries on the development of capitalism. At that time, the proletariat fought against the structure of capitalism. In those years, the red color became the symbol of Europe.

Green color expresses belonging to the Islamic civilization and Islam religion.

By the order of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev signed on November 18, 2009, November 9th is marked as the day of the State flag. The President also sent a proposal to Parliament to amend the Labor Code on the occasion of the National Flag Day. Considering the proposal, the Milli Majlis made a corresponding amendment to the Labor Code, and according to the change, the day of the State flag is considered a non-working day in Azerbaijan.

On September 1, 2010, with the participation of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, took place a solemn opening of the State Flag Square – the memorial monument – recreation park located in the Bayil area of Baku city. The height of the flagpole is 162 m, diameter of its base is 3.2 m, and diameter of its upper part is 1.09 m. The total mass of the monument is 220 tons. The flag is 35 meters width, 70 meters long, total area is 2450 square meters, and weight is about 350 kg. The emblem of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the text of the national anthem and the country map made of gold-plated bronze were built on the square. The State Flag Museum has also been established in the square.

We believe that our flag will wave proudly throughout the centuries and in the near future it will be stuck on our Karabakh lands. Happy Your Day of State Flag of the Republic of Azerbaijan, which is very valuable for us. Let’s love our flag and constantly keep it on top of our heads. Happy holiday!

AzeDer, which was founded on 15.04.2013 and as a result of one year of activity, supported the personal career development of more Azerbaijani youth, has set itself the goal of contributing to the human capital development of Azerbaijan by continuing its activities as the Center of Human Capital Development of Azerbaijan since the new academic year.

What is the human capital? Why is human capital important?

In this video, prepared by the INDEX – the Center for Human Capital Development of Azerbaijan, you will learn that people are a valuable resource of the economy and will be able to learn about human capital.

November 17 is considered the beginning of the national liberation movement in Azerbaijan.

26 years ago, in November 1988, 100 thousands of Azerbaijanis protested against the provocations of Armenia and the dual policy of the Soviet Union, and then gathered in the Lenin (present Freedom) Square. This day is also considered as the day of beginning of the national-freedom movement in Azerbaijan. On that day, began the war of “to be or not to be” war of a nation that does not know what freedom is for 68 years. It was on this day that the condemnation of the USSR to the death became clearer.

Official Moscow’s loyal attitude and biased attitude towards the Armenians’ claim to Nagorno-Karabakh instilled a desire to change the history of the nation to its own strength. And the influx of hundreds of thousands of people to the Freedom Square laid the foundation of the latest history. The first days of the rally showed that the struggle in Azerbaijan, which is not yet seen anywhere in the USSR, begins.

Seeing these, Moscow declared for the first time a state of emergency in Azerbaijan during the USSR governance.

The dislocated internal troops were brought to Baku and placed on the square in different areas, and on the night of December 3 to 4 the rally participants were forced out of there. Some of them were arrested. At that time, the movement broke up, but the nation reached its dream – the square movement, which began on November 17, 1988, laid the foundation of freedom desire of Azerbaijan.

Happy Holiday!!!

The next meeting of the INDEX took place in Trabzon, Turkey. The INDEX regional Coordinator Togrul Mahiyev and Education Advisor of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Turkey Najiba Nasirova met with students at the Rector’s Meeting Hall of Karadeniz Technical University. Interesting topics were discussed at the meeting held on November 13. First of all, the meeting started with the Vice-Rector of Karadeniz Technical University, Professor Hikmet Oksuz, they exchanged views on the admission of KATU to the state program, and then a meeting with Azerbaijani students took place in the Rector’s Meeting Hall. Within the framework of the event, the problems of Azerbaijani students studying in Trabzon and their solutions were discussed. At the end, the students were wished success in education and the visitors stressed that the INDEX will always support all proposals and problems of Azerbaijani students.